The 17th Bristol Juggling & Circus Skills Convention

Ahh, Bristol!

Ten things Bristol doesn't have :-

1. A spiffy air conditioned floodlit gym.
2. Air that needs conditioning, or shortages of light.
3. Clean feet, clothing, attitudes, hair, etc.
4. More flags to put out.
5. A parade, or for that matter, a parade ground.
6. Much meat.
7. Baaaaaaadass rap choons.
8. Merchandising.
9. Lots of rules - there are only two : i) No writing on the walls. ii) Obey all the rules.
10. Something to prove.
11. Over-zealous attention to minor details.

As usual, I have scanned and published the flyer to the intermaweb without even thinking about asking anyone's permission. Please mail me if your sensibilities are so offended by my presumption that you would rather I take the image down again. Or turn your monitor off.

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!!   S T O P   P R E S S   !!

Today's thoroughly modern Bristol Convention can only be made possible by satellite technology and state-of-the-art materials science, not to mention some of the finest intellects east of the Severn, but it was not always so - here is the flyer for the very first Bristol Convention. What a long way we have come!

Jay Linn - April '05.

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