The 18th Bristol Juggling & Circus Skills Convention

As usual, I have scanned and published the flier to the intermaweb without even thinking about asking anyone's permission. Please mail me if you are such an uptight slunt that you are deeply offended to the bottom of your UKIP logo socks.

Or if you're John Carter, obviously.

Cut the crap! Take me straight to the flier.


The mailroom has been overwhelmed by the deluge of one email I have received from this utter idiot, which I have reproduced in it's entirety as a sharp lesson in decency and common sense to the inconsiderate twunt :-

Dear Sir,

I am deeply offended. I just can't say exactly why, but your flagrent web site offends me, deeply and unutterably. It shouldn't be allowed, whatever it is! It's people like you who make Britain the place it is today, and tomorrow, for that matter. Harumph!!!

Yours in disgust

Bill 'Uptight' Slunt
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Jay Linn - April '06.

Nota bene : Please be aware that The Greatest Show On Turf takes place on Friday evening. Not to be missed!

Ten things you simply must bring to Brizzle :-

1. Your glow poi, and your glow poi mates.
2. Spare Gideon bibles for everyone, just in case.
3. A sense of foreboding.
4. Abundant shit for sorting out your chakras/qi/purity of essence/vestibular dysfunction.
5. Enough cleaning and refuse collection materials for seven straight days of cookouts, and some clean white lace pinnies.
6. Gnus. Lots of gnus.
7. String - yes! Dogs - no!
8. Some timber wedges to level the field out with.
9. Horse feathers.
11. A poofreader.

1954 Bristol Warrior - brmmm, brrmmmmmm!!

Google Earth extreme close up image of Bristol

Isambard Kingdom Brunel - 'nuff said.

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