The 19th Bristol Juggling & Circus Skills Convention

Last updated 22nd March 2007

I present for your delectation and delight, the official Bristol Convention flyer 2007.


Please mail me if you require further information of an unofficial kind, or phone John on 07971 905993 to get your details straight from the horse's mouth.

Please do not mail me if you have a pathological interest in the size of my reproductive organs or are in urgent need of offloading billions of entirely licit US dollars which are conveniently sitting unnoticed in a little-used Nigerian bank account. For the record, I would embarass a horse and Michael Jackson respectively in those departments. Yes, I'm richer than a pony and better endowed than Wacko Jacko.

Cut the crap! Take me straight to the flyer.

Jay Linn - March '07.

Nota bene : Please be aware that The Greatest Show On Turf takes place on Friday evening. Not to be missed!

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