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About these web pages.
JLCA - better at entertainment than web design.

This web site was produced during spring 2002, by Jay himself. Gosh, he must be ever so clever!

We have tried to build an informative site, with a distinct lack of frills, that we hope will be quick to load over elderly modems and clogged networks. Please don't expect to find funky Flash animations, wacky graphics, smarty-pants JavaScripts, or any other stuff like that, because you wont find any (unless we've been hacked!).

What we hope you will find is consistent style, succinct content, and functioning links. If - when - you discover that we have failed to reach our objectives, perhaps you would be kind enough to mail us with your thoughts. Jay is a thick-skinned grown up, with a full working knowledge of vernacular expressions, so please feel free to express yourself - unless you are a filthy spammer, in which case, leave us alone :-Þ

Show me the pictures!

Since the first incarnation of these pictures were put on the web in early 2001, Jay has forked out a painfully large sum of cash for a digital camera, which is responsible for many of images which previously could not be found on these pages.

As with all photographs, we have thrown away about 90% of the images we originally took, leaving you with the 10% that might conceivably be meaningful. If you think there might be something you can't see here, but that we might have salted away on a rusty old CD-ROM, then contact us and we will endeavour to help you.

I want to change the width of my browser's window.

You can't. Ha ha!. When we designed this site, we took a decision to force browsers to size the pages at a given width, which means that viewers using 640 x 480 screen resolution will never be able to resize these pages to fit the whole width on their screen at once. We have, however, endeavoured to ensure that the content part of the page, as opposed to the sidebar with the orange background, will fit neatly on a 640 width screen.

At some time in the near future, we might even set up some internal navigation buttons. Meanwhile, for those of you who still can't see very much through your tiny screens, our advice is to buy a better computer. There's just no end to our helpful advice, is there?

A bit about the design philosophy.

As a long time user of the dreaded Freeswerve, we are painfully familiar with the problems and frustrations of slow phone modems connected to slower ISPs. That's why we thought it would be a good idea to keep everything as simple as could be - that and the fact that we don't know anything smarter. Mercifully, we no longer have to rely on Freeswerve for ISP services or for hosting. Phew.

In testing, download times seem to be pretty good, though the arrival of a smattering of graphics wont help much. Moreover, we are aware that not all browsers are the same (but see more about that below).

For those of you with a technical bent of mind, you may be interested to know that we have tried to make the site compliant to HTML 4.0 and CSS 1.0 throughout. Don't be surprised if we haven't managed it :-(

Slightly more seriously, we would be delighted if you like to contribute any comments or feedback about the site.


All browsers were not born equal, and any web designer who tells you that your expensive new site will work perfectly on any browser is stupid, lying, or both. We have already discovered that Internet Explorer versions 4.x and 5.x interpret 'standards' in, er, idiosyncratic ways. Also, Netscape/Mozilla browsers are almost, but not quite, the same in the way they render pages. Whilst we hope to address these issues as soon as is practicable, we are aware that you may be having your own problems. Sorry - why don't you blame Bill Gates? Everyone else does.

In the meantime, if you are experiencing any problems with viewing these pages, please let us know and we will try other methods to satisfy your query.


Thanks to David Houghton for ad hoc input regarding HTML and other things webby. This site was largely built using HomeSite 5.0 from Macromedia, which is frankly wondrous. FTP was made easy by using WS_FTP LE from Ipswitch, which is a free download. Woohoo!

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