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A rubber dog is a man's best friend.

Balloons - love them or loathe them, you can't deny that a gaily coloured latex bladder full of air has a powerful fascination for children of all ages, and childish adults too! From the humble 'poodle', to the slightly more sopghisticated 'pregnant poodle' (don't ask), balloon models run the gamut of human emotions. Not only that, drunks think they're hilarious.

Although traditionally regarded as an entertainment for children, the effect on grown ups of the heady mixture of taut rubber and alcohol are well documneted - Jay Linn Circus Arts would likre to reassure our valued clients that both fields of study have been thoroughly and assiduously researched.


Balloons for children ...

Children love balloons instinctively, and generally can't get enough of them. Give a roomful of eight year old boys a whole load of balloon swords, and they will merrily kill one another all day long. Offer a cute little pink poodle to a little girl, and phantom sisters and cousins will spring into existence somewhere just out of sight, who naturally will require their very own blow-up menagerie to be fetched for them.

... and for adults.

As I may have remarked before, balloons and booze are perfect bedfellows (that's a metaphor, not a statement of fact). Balloons are, of course, lighthearted by nature, so you might not want to hire a balloon modeller for your next round of middle east peace talks, but they are well suited to any event where people want to enjoy themselves. They are particularly good in table-hopping environments, such as company outings, ballroom functions, etc.

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