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Welcome to Jay Linn Circus Arts.
Circus arts for education, entertainment, and promotions.

Small logo Jay Linn Circus Arts (aka JLCA) is a specialist business providing a range of circus themed activities to the leisure, marketing, entertainment, and promotional businesses. Owned and operated by Jay Linn, from his base in Leicestershire, UK, JLCA offers a wide range of services and advice on many different activities.

With a growing roster of tried and trusted artistes, JLCA aims to provide our clients with complete satisfaction. Some of the services we provide are :- 

  • Commercial entertainment for retail and leisure customers.
  • Promotional attractions and entertainment for PR and marketing purposes.
  • Skilled artistes, such as stiltwalkers, jugglers, aerialists, unicyclists, rope walkers etc. for all kinds of events.
  • Balloon modellers - wild rubber tamed by professionals!
  • Walkabout performers, mix'n'mingle characters, and other ambient artistes.
  • Shows - tented, street-based, indoor, outdoor, formal, participative, etc.
  • Circus skills workshops to suit any requirement, ranging from half-term attractions at shopping centres, to fully structured courses for schools and other NGOs.
  • Circus skills training for business - for incentives or to add value to workforces for businesses in the leisure sector.

Whilst the main aim of JLCA is to provide work for Jay and his colleagues, we are always very glad to offer help and advice to anyone who cares to ask for it. Advice is free, and we will be glad to do our best to point you in the right direction if we cannot be of service to you.

What we do.

Fire juggling JLCA's services and personnel are suitable for a huge range of events, such as village fétes and community events, corporate outings and fundays, attractions in retail parks and centres, etc.

Over the years JLCA have represented a wide range of clients all over the UK, from individual members of the public to megabucks corporations, and all points between. Activities and events we have been hired for have been amazingly diverse, from circus skills workshops in some of the poorest districts in the country, to teaching profoundly disabled children, to hobnobbing with aristocracy - on a tight rope, of course!

Find out more about JLCA, or Jay himself, or explore this site using the buttons to your left.

Where we work.

Since 1989, when Jay first got hooked on street theatre, he has worked the length and breadth of the UK. In particular, Jay spent three summers in the middle of the 90s touring the Highlands of Scotland, teaching Circus Skills and bringing entertainment to some of the remotest places in Europe.

More recently, Jay has been extremely busy teaching circus skills to school children in schools up and down the land - around 200 at the time of writing!

Workplaces have ranged from the sublime - stately homes and ruined castles - to the slightly more down-to-earth - grotty nightclubs and dilapidated village halls.

JLCA continues to go wherever they are asked - foreign assignments are welcomed.

What we charge.

Because of the extremely variable nature of the work undertaken by JLCA, and in particular the broad range of places to which we travel, all jobs are individually quoted on their merits. Many factors affect cost, such as seasonal variations; time of day and week; commissions; specialist costumes and consumables; etc.

In general, however, the following rough guide should be helpful if you are thinking about booking just one artiste :-

Circus skills workshops in schools

  • £225-250 for the first day.
  • £200-225 per day for subsequent consecutive days.
  • 150-£175 for a half day.
  • 125-150 for half days subsequent and consecutive to full days.
  • Travelling expenses are charged at 45p per mile.
  • Other charges incurred passed on to the client at or near to cost.
  • Optionally, at no extra charge, you can elect to have an after school shop.
  • Other services, such as provision of the tight wire rig, will attract supplementary charges.
  • A range of prices is quoted to allow some flexibility, but most bookings will fall at the low end of the range.

Other workshops, entertainment, promotions, and appearances

  • £200 - £400 for a full day.
  • £150 - £300 for an evening appearance, travelling expenses as above.
  • Please call for exact quotes. These prices are vague because jobs take so many different forms.
  • Travelling expenses are charged at 45p per mile.
  • Half days and short jobs are negotiable - please ask.
  • Other charges incurred passed on to the client at or near to cost.
  • Other services, such as provision of the tight wire rig, will attract supplementary charges.

Contact us.

If you would like to enquire about bookings or get a quote, or if you would simply like to know a little more about JLCA, then please visit our contact details page or have a browse around the rest of this site. Please feel free to let us know what you think of the site.

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