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Stilt walkers and other curiosities.
Characters and creatures to spice up events.

Scary stilt bloke Stilt walkers can add a flavour of the circus parade and the carnival side show to your event or promotion, and are ideal for situations where visual impact is a priority.

Ranging in styles from the traditional tall man in long stripy trousers and tailcoat, to ultra-modern and outlandish costume designs, and taking in bespoke outfits for specific events along the way, stilt walkers are highly versatile and adaptable, and can fulfil various rôles, such as meeting and greeting customers, distributing flyers and balloons to the public, leading carnival parades, even directing people around car parks (think about it)!

Gimp and peacockStilt walkers are particularly effective when working in themed environments, such as sporting events or seasonal promotions - could you use a lanky football referee or a walking christmas tree?

Where can stiltwalkers go?

Stilt walkers hired by JLCA have been effective in many different locations, including :-

  • Supermarkets, including Tesco's, Sainsbury's, Asda, and Safeway.
  • Shopping centres such as Meadowhall, Lakeside, and Canary Wharf.
  • Bars and pubs such as various outlets of Litten Tree, Bar Med, and Fiesta Havana brands, as well as landlord-operated pubs across the country.
  • Department stores like Debenham's and John Lewis.
  • Town and village centres across the country - Shrewsbury, Kenilworth, Hathersage, Sheffield, Wednesfield, Thurso, Coventry, King's Lynn, etc. etc.
  • Fun days for clients such as Lynx (logistics), NTL (telecomms), KP Foods, Allied Leisure, etc.
  • Weddings and private parties.

Where can't stiltwalkers go?

Please don't expect stilt walkers to work ...

  • Anywhere with lots of stairs.
  • In quaint and picturesque old cottages with ceilings about 4 feet from the floor.
  • On oil or beer covered lino.
  • On soft turf - we don't like planting ourselves!

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